Terms & Conditions

1. Digicel Music Store is a mobile web portal that provides an easy access to customers for downloading of full track local music and subscribing to their favorite CRBT Intune. The content on this website is either created or licensed by Digicel Limited. These terms and conditions apply to the sale of music available on musiknau.digicelpng.com and designed for mobile phones to the customer, via a download platform. By using this portal an SMS is sent to download a particular song.

2. Downloading the full track will cost 90t VIP per track. This will be deducted from your actual phone credit when the song code via SMS is sent to the short code (16340). Activating an InTune will cost 20t daily.

3. This portal supports smartphone, like Android phones & Tablets, iOS (iPhones & iPads), Blackberry, Windows phone, Symbian smartphones. The customer needs to have internet access in order to download.

4. Digicel cannot be held liable for users with non-compatible handsets who send the txt to the valid short code 16340 and are charged 90t

5. The customer must follow instructions and be of a legal age as Digicel cannot be held responsible for downloads made by the customer, when instructions are not followed. Step by step instructions are as follows:

6. The conditions of use and pricing applicable to the service can be also viewed when customer clicks “Buy It” and a preview is also allowed before customers purchase a full track or an InTune.

7. The songs can be downloaded via the url or download link received by sms. The url or download link is active for 24 hours.

8. The url or download link is active for maximum 2 downloads

9. After first download, the url cannot be used on another handset or device.

10. The url or download link can only be downloaded with a Digicel Number.

11. The customer takes full liability for the risk such as viruses or defects for using this portal and under no circumstances shall Digicel Limited be held responsible for any direct, indirect, third party, or consequential damaged from the use of this portal.