1. What is Digicel Music Store?

Digicel Music Store is a mobile web portal that provides an easy access to customers for downloading of full track local music and subscribing to their favorite CRBT InTunes.

2. How do I access the Music Store

It can be accessed by visiting the URL http://musiknau.digicelpng.com.

3. Will I be charged for accessing the Music Store Portal?

Normal data charges will apply for browsing through the portal.

4. How can I download the full track song?

5. Will there be any data charges to download the song?

No, the download url is zero rated.

6. How much will it cost me to download?

Downloading the full track will cost 90t VIP per track. This will be deducted from your actual phone credit when the song code via SMS is sent to the short code.

7. Can I preview the song before downloading?

Yes, all the songs have a preview button which enables you to listen to a 30sec version of the song.

8. How can I subscribe to InTunes through Music Store?

9. How much would be charged for Intune subscription?

The charges for InTunes is 20t/VIP per day

10. Can the download url be used on multiple devices?

No, once the download url is accessed it can be used from the same device. If attempted to access from a separate device, it will display “invalid link” error.

11. How long will the download link be valid?

The download link is valid for 24hrs from purchase.

12. Is there a limit to the number of times the song can be downloaded upon purchase?

Yes, the download link will expire after 2 downloads

13. If for any reason I am not able to download within 24hrs can the validity be extended?

Yes the customer care can be contacted to extend the validity for another 24hrs and 2 additional downloads.

14. What can I do if I am charged but did not receive the download link?

The customer care can push the downloaded link in case you haven’t received it.

15. What would be the format of the downloaded full track song?

It will be in 192 kbps mp3 format

16. What type of devices are supported by the portal?

The Digicel Music Store portal will support the following OS:

17. Why I should buy from your music store when the song is available for free from the internet?

Digicel Music Store will provide high quality MP3 Full track songs supporting our very own local artists.